Vol. 15 no 1-2 / 2022 Annals Series on Science and Technology of Information

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Abs.Article Dumitru POPESCU, Ștefania COLBU, Daniel BĂNCILĂ, Severus OLTEANU
Stability Analysis for Non-Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor-NCSTR


Abs.Article Radu DOBRESCU
Optimal Control Strategy of Power Generation in Microgrids


Abs.Article Neculai ANDREI
Conjugate Gradient with Subspace Minimization Based on Cubic Regularization Model of the Minimizing Function


Abs.Article Tudor BARBU
Digital Image Restoration Using Linear PDE-Based Filtering Models


Abs.Article Vasilică VOINEA, Dan ȘTEFĂNOIU , Cătălin PETRESCU, Nicolai CHRISTOV
Evaluation of Garbled Replies for Aircrafts Interrogated by an SSR