Vol. 15 no 1-2 / 2022 Annals Series on Science and Technology of Information

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Abs.Article Dumitru POPESCU, Ștefania COLBU, Daniel BĂNCILĂ, Severus OLTEANU
Stability Analysis for Non-Isothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor-NCSTR
DOI                10.56082/annalsarsciinfo.2022.1-2.5


Abs.Article Radu DOBRESCU
Optimal Control Strategy of Power Generation in Microgrids
DOI                10.56082/annalsarsciinfo.2022.1-2.15


Abs.Article Neculai ANDREI
Conjugate Gradient with Subspace Minimization Based on Cubic Regularization Model of the Minimizing Function
DOI                10.56082/annalsarsciinfo.2022.1-2.28


Abs.Article Tudor BARBU
Digital Image Restoration Using Linear PDE-Based Filtering Models
DOI                10.56082/annalsarsciinfo.2022.1-2.45


Abs.Article Vasilică VOINEA, Dan ȘTEFĂNOIU , Cătălin PETRESCU, Nicolai CHRISTOV
Evaluation of Garbled Replies for Aircrafts Interrogated by an SSR
DOI                10.56082/annalsarsciinfo.2022.1-2.56