Annals – series on military sciences

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Annals – Series on Military Sciences [ISSN Print 2066-7086/ ISSN Online 2457-8312/ISSN–L 2066-7086] released by the Academy of Romanian Scientists, is a biannual, scientific peer-reviewed publication. All issues are regularly send to The National Library of Romania, where they are archived.

All articles within Annals – Series on Military Sciences are available online to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium is permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited. Open access aims to maximize the visibility of research and differs from free online access as it provides reuse rights provided full attribution is given [under the terms of the  Creative Commons License license

The aim of Annals – Series on Military Sciences is to disseminate the results of the theoretical and practical research investigations undertaken by reputable professionals worldwide in the holistic field of military sciences.

Emphasis is placed on interdisciplinary studies, for the current environment worldwide is complex, uncertain, volatile, and ambiguous and, therefore, requires the use of a set of reasoning tools that cannot be limited to a single field of interest.

As a result, the areas covered by the research reports and articles published in Annals Series on Military Sciences are as follows:

  • conventional and unconventional in military actions
  • conditions and operational and technical evolutions of the communications and information systems in the nato adhesion process
  • adapting the educational process to the technological development
  • inaugural speech of president of Ukraine – a peaceful declaration of war?
  • political and military alliances
  • ethics of military affairs
  • dimensions and indicators of institutional analysis of the military

Annals Series on Military Sciences is currently indexed in the following prestigious international databases and catalogs: