Annals – series on military sciences

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The reviewing process of the articles sent to be published in the Annals – Series on Military Science consists of two stages:

First stage: Editorial board members check the articles for compliance with the requirements specified in Guidelines for authors. Articles that do not meet those requirements are returned to authors to be revised.

Second stage: The editorial board forwards the paper to two scientific reviewers who assess the scientific value of the paper. Author’s identity remains unknown to the scientific advisers.

Based on recommendations made by the scientific advisers Editorial board members may take the following decisions:

  • the paper will be published;
  • the paper will be published after minor revisions;
  • the paper will be published after major revisions;
  • the paper will not be published.

In every case the author[s] will be informed about the decision.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice:

Annals – Series on Military Science upholds the highest standards of publication ethics and takes all possible measures against any publication malpractice.

Authors must submit original work. Contributions must not be copied or plagiarized in whole or in part from elsewhere. Authors must disclose conflicts of interest and partial benefits associated with their work.

Annals – Series on Military Science is committed to objective and fair double-blind peer-review of submissions, and to addressing conflict of interests between editors and reviewers. Problems are addressed by the Editorial Board who is committed to providing swift resolutions to disputes.