TOGETHER … FOR SECURITY (ISBN 978-606-92500-8-2)

Autori: Albert PATTERSON, Romeo OIȚĂ, Constantin ONIȘOR

Anul apariţiei: 2010

Nr. pagini: 144

ISBN: 978-606-92500-8-2

Domeniu: Securitate

Disponibilitate: La cerere

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Despre carte:   We live in a World filled with contradictions and incertitude where the Allies, the Americans and the North Europeans have discordant relations, although the times ask for power and unity. The international relations need to gain some new orientations and connections. In this context, the North-Atlantic Partnership has to inspire a new reality and in addition, by brave decisions, it needs to be restored in order to support and solve a wider range of serious internal and external challenges.

In order for the 60th anniversary of the Franco-German Summit to unfold at a higher level of transparence and prospective regarding the existence and the future of NATO, many scientific activities within the Euro-Atlantic space were previously organized. In the fall of 2008, four very successful working sessions were sustained in the United States, in prestigious institutions, like the Atlantic Council of the United States, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Political Center for National Technology and Safety, the University of National Defense and the Center for Transatlantic Relations.

At the School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University, a project regarding NATO’s New Strategic Concept was launched, in order to be subjected to academic debates and more. Considering the importance and prospective of the problems and aspects of the New Strategic Concept, these debates continued and will continue, under an adequate form and to different levels, including national.

The Project of NATO’s New Strategic Concept continuously and intensely generates ideas and ways of thinking adequate to the new international realities regarding the role of the North Atlantic Community within a global environment of security that is changing. Following almost 15 months of debate, many points of view concerning NATO’s future were treasured up, based on pertinent opinions expressed by governmental personalities, military leaders, legislators, organizers, scientists and other experts from both sides of the Atlantic.