Autori: Anghel DIACONU

Anul apariţiei: 2016

Nr. pagini: 703


Domeniu: Medicina

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Despre carte: The paper “Treatise of therapeutic massage technique and complementary kinesiotherapy” the 7 edition, revised and enlarged, published by A.O.Ş.R. (Academy of Romanian Scientists) is an editorial reference, fact that is proved by the need for professional information in the field, and by the manner in which the correlation “massage therapy – kinesiotherapy” is presented. The addressed theme, of a particular value through its pragmatism is the result of over 45 years of experience. In 2008, Mr. Anghel Diaconu first transferred his entire professional and teaching experience in a work of this type. The paper entitled “Manual of therapeutic massage technique”, a first in its field, was published by Editura Medicală (Translator’s note: Medical Publishing House). The handbook covered a pre-existing gap in medical literature, both in our country and in other countries and proved to be of remarkable usefulness in shaping and perfecting the application of therapeutic massage for a significant number of practitioners, from physiotherapists – the classical or special postsecondary education, physiotherapists in higher education, residents and specialist doctors.
This first appearance was requested by an extremely large number of specialists, who benefited from complex applicative information on massage therapy.
In 2010, the work was certified by the Ministry of Education as a textbook for specialized schools at all levels (pupils, students).
As an answer to the requests it had received, Editura Medicală published in 2012, the second edition of the “Manual of therapeutic massage technique”, revised and expanded, approved by the Ministry of Education.
In 2013, the Academy of Romanian Scientists approved the publication of the work as “Treatise of therapeutic massage technique” – edition I. Following requests from specialists, also in 2013, Editura Academiei Oamenilor de Ştiinţă din România (Translator’s note: Publishing House of the Academy of Romanian Scientists) published “Treatise of therapeutic massage technique and complementary kinesiotherapy”, second edition, revised and enlarged.