Vol. 4 Issue 1 – 2023 Annals of Academy of Romanian Scientists – Series of Medicine

 ISSN-L 2668-8816    ONLINE ISSN 2668-8816

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Abs.Article Razvan Ionut DUMITRU, Gabriela Simona TOMA, Marian MITRICA, Carmen Adella SIRBU
Role of cerebral imaging in the minimally invasive techniques for intracerebral hematoma evacuation

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.6

Abs.Article Ioana-Maria VOICU
The gut-brain axis: the correlation between stress and gut microbiome

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.20

Abs.Article Miruna-Ioana MIRON
New medical approaches in Crohn’s disease treatment

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.29

Abs.Article Victoria-Mădălina MIHĂESCU, Raluca-Ioana DASCĂLU, Andra Ioana NUȚĂ, Luminița-Bianca GROSU
Deficiency and toxicity of vitamins

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.38

Case Report

Abs.Article Andreea-Daniela SCÎNTEIE, Roxana Manuela VASILE, Camelia Cristina DIACONU
Adenosquamous lung carcinoma complicated with marantic endocarditis and chronic disseminated intravascular coagulation

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.49

Abs.Article Andreea TEODORESCU
The risk-benefit balance of anticoagulant treatment: case report

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.59

Abs.Article Diana GEMANARI, Camelia Cristina DIACONU
Hyponatremia in malignant neoplasia: a case report

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2023.1.65