Vol. 3 Issue 2 – 2022 Annals of Academy of Romanian Scientists – Series of Medicine

 ISSN-L 2668-8816    ONLINE ISSN 2668-8816

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Abs.Article Andra-Ioana NUTA, Camelia Crsitina DIACONU

Infective endocarditis – new therapeutic strategies
DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2022.2.7

Abs.Article Gina GHEORGHE, Gabriela CEOBANU, Camelia Cristina DIACONU, Florentina GHEORGHE, Vlad Alexandru IONESCU

Therapeutic management of hyponatremia in patients with liver cirrhosis
DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2022.2.13

Abs.Article Luminita-Bianca GROSU, Andra Ioana NUTA, Raluca-Ioana DASCALU, Victoria-Madalina MIHAESCU, Camelia Cristina DIACONU

Pericarditis: diagnosis management
DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2022.2.21

Abs.Article Victoria-Madalina MIHAESCU, Raluca-Ioana DASCALU, Andra Ioana NUTA, Luminita-Bianca GROSU

The importance of microelements in human body
DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2022.2.28

Abs.Article Raluca-Ioana DASCALU, Luminita-Bianca GROSU, Andra-Ioana NUTA, Madalina MIHAESCU, Camelia Cristina DIACONU

Gastrointestinal bleeding in patients under anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy – the optimal approach
DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscimed.2022.2.37