Vol. 10, no. 1-2 / 2022 Annals Series on Philosophy, Psychology and Theology

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Abs.Article Mihai Bădescu
Romanian Contributions to the Development of the Philosophy of Law


Abs.Article Diana Dănișor
The Metaphor of the Network and Its Contemporary Challenges


Abs.Article Gheorghe Dănișor
Being-with-Others-In the Digital Age


Abs.Article Nela Mircică
Athanase Joja – Outstanding Personality of the Romanian Culture


Abs.Article Viorel Miulescu
Romanian Contributions to the General Theory of Law and the Philosophy of Law in the First Half of the XXth Century


Abs.Article Ioan N. Roșca
Social Justice in the Context of Neoliberalism


Abs.Article Marieta Safta
The Role of Constitutional Courts in Upholding the Rule of Law in Emergency Situations


Abs.Article Henrieta Șerban
Lucian Blaga: The Human Being Destined for Mystery, Creativity and Knowledge


Abs.Article ***
Book Reviews


Abs.Article ***
Scientific Life