The prize “Dimitrie Pompeiu” – PRESENTATION

The Section of Mathematics of the Academy of Romanian Scientists awards the prize “Dimitrie Pompeiu” for the best paper published during the last three years in the Journal “Mathematics and its Applications.
Annals of ARS”. The award comprises a certificate and a cash prize of 1000 Euro to be transmitted to the winner immediately after the announcement of the decision of the Jury on the site of the Journal.
The first prize will be offered in 2013 for the articles published during 2009-2011. The prize will be awarded every three years after that. The winner will be selected by a Jury consisting of members of the Editorial
Board of the Journal. The decision will be based on the scientific impact of the selected paper (according to its quotation in the literature and other scientometric indicators reported by the major international data bases
like Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt fuer Mathematik, ISI Thomson Reuters) and on the reports that the Jury will receive from international experts. The articles of the members of the Section of Mathematics of
ARS or of the members of the Editorial Board are not eligible for this prize.
Dimitrie Pompeiu (1873-1954) was a noted Romanian mathematician. He is well known for the Pompeiu problem (1929). See for instance

Moreover, Felix Hausdorff, in his books, is quoting Pompeiu for the introduction of the set distance (1905), which is now called the Hausdorff or the Hausdorff-Pompeiu distance. Pompeiu has outstanding contributions in complex analysis as well.