Instructions for Authors – Series on Mathematics on Its Application

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The manuscript (in English) should be sent via email as a PDF file, either to the series editors or to any member of the Editorial Board together with a cover letter stating the intention to publish it in Mathematics and its Applications.

The submission of a manuscript entails the assurance that it has not been published ot it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and that all the coauthors have approved its submission to Mathematics and its Applications. A template that precises the style and the format of the manuscripts may be found HERE

After refereeing is complete, an official letter of acceptance or refusal is sent by email to the corresponding author together with the observations of the reviewers. For publication, the LATEX and PDF files of the revised paper are required, which may be edited by our Secretariate to follow the general presentation rules of the journal. If the manuscript includes figures, they should be added as separate files in the same message email. Very long papers may be divided in several parts and published in subsequent issues of the journal.

A PDF file with the proofs will be sent to the corresponding author with indications for corrections.

The Editorial Board encourages the authors to post in a preprint format on arXiv their articles submitted to MATHEMATICS AND ITS APPLICATIONS and to add later the Journal Reference.