Vol. 14 no 1-2 / 2021 Annals Series on Science and Technology of Information

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Abs.Article Irina – Andra TACHE
Review of Blood Vessels Velocity Estimations


Abs.Article Ciprian ILIESCU
A Comprehensive Review on thin Film Depositions on PECVD Reactors


Abs.Article Dragoș BURILEANU, Șerban MIHALACHE, Valentin ANDREI, Alexandru-Lucian GEORGESCU, Horia CUCU, Corneliu BURILEANU
Machine Learning for Spoken Language Technology


Abs.Article Florin GAISEANU
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of the Chemical Etching Process of the Boron-Doped Silicon Layers from BBr3 Source in the Micromachining Technology


Abs.Article Doru Florin CHIPER
A Hardware Accelerator for the Computation of Modified Discrete sine Transform