Vol. 12 no 2 / 2023 Annals Series on Biological Sciences

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Abs.Article Nicolae DONIȚĂ, Stoica GODEANU
Some Characteristics of the Multiindividual Level of System Oraganization

DOI   10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.7

Abs.Article Mihaela Cosmina TĂNASE, Adrian FILIMON, Camelia DUMITRACHE,
Valeria ABAZA
Current Status of Zoobenthic Communities Associated with Deep Circalittoral Habitats from the Romanian Continental Shelf

DOI  10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.13

Abs.Article Ana Bianca PAVEL, Gabriel IORDACHE, Cătălina GAVRILA, George TIGANOV
First Record of Gambusia Holbrooki (Eastern Mosquitofish), an Invasive Fish in the Tuzla Lake, Romania

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.22

Abs.Article Manuela Diana ENE, Laura OLARIU, Brandusa Georgiana DUMITRIU,
Mihai Alexandru FLOREA, Raluca PAPACOCEA, Natalia ROSOIU
Evaluation of Polypeptide Complexes from Marine Sources with Relevance in Initiation and Propagation Mechanisms of Osteoarticular Dysfunctions

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.38

Abs.Article Mihaela Adela IANCU, Daniela Mihaela BALTA, Irina Anca EREMIA, Călin POPOVICI, Andrei KOZMA
The Evolution and Complications of the Influenza During Covid-19 Pandemic

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.49

Abs.Article Madalina BORCA, Alin CIOBICA, Samson GUENNE, Ioannis MAVROUDIS
An Editorial View on the Possible Connections Between the Human Microbiome and Most of the Neuropsychiatric Disorders – As Viewed from the Perspective of Biodiversity in the Living Environment

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.58

Abs.Article Gheorghe GIURGIU, Manole COJOCARU
Gut Microbiota. Neuropolen for Recovery after A Ischemic Stroke

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.62

Abs.Article Alina LUPU (ȘURLEA), Constantin Andrei RUSALI, Marius-Daniel RADU,
Mihaela BAȘA, Mihaela Macrina SIN, Natalia ROȘOIU
Correlations Between Galectin and Clinically Relevant Biochemical Parameters Involved in the Diagnosis and Control of Heart Failure

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.73

Abs.Article Afef BLAITI, Mohamed AMMARI, Alin CIOBICA, Ionut-Alexandru CHELARU, Radu LEFTER, Mircea NICOARA
The Relevance of Some Plant Extracts In Human Patients
and Animal Models of Diabetes

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.81

Abs.Article Radu LEFTER, Ana-Maria DANILA, Iuliana Simona LUCA, Raluca VITALARIU, Alin CIOBICA, Eman H. RASHWAN
Preliminary Data on the Interactions Between Dementia and Some
Metabolic Disfunctions

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.91

Abs.Article Georgiana ENACHE-LEONTE, Carla-Maria PREDA, Alin CIOBICA, Afef BLAITI, Mihnea HURMUZACHE, Daniela LECA, Aida BADESCU, Mihaela Catalina LUCA
Epidemiological and Clinical/Bioevolutive Aspects on Viral Meningitis – the Possible Relevance of the Oxidative Stress Status? 

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.102

Abs.Article Ana-Maria DANILA, Afef BLAITI, Alin CIOBICA
Zebrafish as an Animal Model for Albinism Disorders

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.108

Abs.Article Fatima Zahra KAMAL, Alin CIOBICA, Vasile BURLUI
An Editorial View on the Latest Developments Regarding the Relevance of Xenobots in the Biomedical Research

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.114

Abs.Article Catalina IONESCU, Fatima Zahra KAMAL, Alin CIOBICA, Mirela CIMPEANU, Sorin CIMPEANU
The Eukaryotic Cell Nucleus: Custodian of Genetic Information and Keyto Understanding Nuclear Envelope Diseases

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.117

Abs.Article Ioannis MAVROUDIS
Applyng the Free Energy Principle to the Functional Neurological
Disorder Model of Post-Concussion Syndrome: A Novel Perspective

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.123

Abs.Article Zarif Bin AKHTAR
Accelerated Computing a Biomedical Engineering and Medical Science Perspective

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.138

Abs.Article Norina FORNA, Roland TÖRÖK, Bianca TÖRÖK, Doriana AGOP-FORNA
Postoperative Outcomes in the Surgical Rehabilitation of Alveolar Bone in Implant-Prosthetic Therapy: A Review

DOI    10.56082/annalsarscibio.2023.2.165