Vol. 11 no 2 / 2022 Annals Series on Biological Sciences

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Abs.Article Alexandru Ș. BOLOGA

The National Institute for Marine Research and Development „Grigore Antipa” Constanța – Historical Highlights

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.7

Abs.Article George Emanuel HARCOTĂ, Elena BIȘINICU, Cristina TABARCEA, Aurelia ȚOȚOIU, Adrian FILIMON, Valeria ABAZA, Laura BOICENCO, Florin TIMOFTE

Distribution and Abundance of the Macrozooplankton Comunity in the Black Sea in 2021

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.53

Abs.Article Mihaela Cosmina TĂNASE, Adrian FILIMON, Camelia DUMITRACHE, Valeria ABAZA

The Macrozoobenthic Species of the Infralittoral and Circalittoral Zone from the Romanian Black Sea Coast – A Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.62

Abs.Article Corina Mihaela OPRITA(CIOARA), Elena RADU, Ingrid Alina COMAN, Natalia ROȘOIU

Distribution and Qualitative and Quantitative Determination of Pesticide Residues from a Sample of Red Grapefruit, after Treatment with Fungicide Solutions

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.74

Abs.Article Veronica DRUMEA, Brandusa DUMITRIU, Ionut-Bogdan VOINICU, Laura OLARIU

Study on Thiophenes Extraction Efficacy from Tagetes Patula L

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.81

Abs.Article Manole COJOCARU, Gheorghe GIURGIU

The Role of Gut Microbiota in Immune Homeostasis

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.94

Abs.Article Norina FORNA, Doriana AGOP-FORNA, Claudiu TOPOLICEANU, Natalia ROŞOIU

Implant-Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Edentulous Complications in a Homeostatic Context

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.105

Abs.Article Donea LORENZA, Camelia Salloum COJOCARIU, Ana-Maria SINGEAP, Irina GIRLEANU, Anca TRIFAN

Patient With Liver Disorders: Exploration Tools and Treatment

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.112

Abs.Article Viorica RARINCA, Mircea NICOARA, Alin CIOBICA, Ioannis MAVROUDIS

A Short Editorial View on the Relevance of Exosomes in some Neuropsychiatric Manifestations – Model Studies

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.116

Abs.Article Andreea-Elena MOROȘAN, Georgiana OPREA, Alin CIOBICA, Gabriel PLAVAN, Kadiatou Tata TRAORÉ, Eman H. RASHWAN

A Short Review on Some General Depression and Related Disorders Biomarkes, Mainly Based on Age

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.119


Abs.Article Emanuela Crina GHEORGHIȚĂ, Natalia ROȘOIU

Review: Vegetable Oil and Butters, their Anticellulitic Effect, Composition, Mechanism of Action and Clinical Trails

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.125

Abs.Article Gertrud-Alexandra PALTINEAN, Diana Alexandra FLOREA, Gheorghe TOMOAIA, Sorin RIGA, Stela ROSOIU, Aurora MOCANU, Maria TOMOAIA-COTISEL

Perspectives of Oral Dental Care

DOI    https://doi.org/10.56082/annalsarscibio.2022.2.140


Article Claudiu TUDORANCEA

Review Gogu Ghiorghiță, Portraits…. through my eyes. Publishing House of the Romanian Academy of Scientists, București, 2022

Article Claudiu TUDORANCEA

Recenzie Gogu Ghiorghiță, Portrete…….. prin ochii mei. Editura Academiei Oamenilor de Știință din România, București, 2022

Article Charles W. FINKL

Review A.S. Bologa, 2022. The National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” Constanța: Historical Highlights. Bucharest: Academy of Romanian Scientists, 2022