Vol. 13 no 1 / 2020 Annals Series on Science and Technology of Information

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Abs.Article Tudor Barbu

Variational PDE-Based Models for Image Filtering and Inpainting

Abs.Article Florin GAISEANU

Analytical Modelling and Simulation of the Self-Limitation Process During the Chemical Etching of the Boron-Doped Silicon Layers from Bn Solid Sources for Micromechanical Applications

Abs.Article Radu DOBRESCU

Antifragile Design of Self-Improving Systems

Abs.Article Radu BÎLBÎIE, Catalin DIMON, Dumitru POPESCU

Causal Graph Configuration for Improving Systems Management
in Supplier—Customer Services
Abs.Article Dan STEFANOIU, Nicolai CHRISTOV, Vasilica VOINEA

First Order Step Response Identification From Noisy Data